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Cancer: 101 Solutions to a Preventable Epidemic

By Liz Armstrong, Guy Dauncey, and Anne Wordsworth

Cancer - 101 SolutionsThis ground-breaking book provides solutions for everyone from individuals to big
business to labour to government. It contains practical tools for parents, youth and
NGOs. For a sneak-peak we have made some sections available (see below).


“This book sends an urgent wake-up call…Some may be challenged by the passion of this book, but no one can dispute the grounds on which it rests.”
- Dr. Devra Davis

“This book delivers on the promise of its title. It is a well-researched and comprehensive analysis of today’s cancer epidemic. Its practical recommendations are illustrated by encouraging examples of successful initiatives that will surely inspire readers to action.”
- Ruth Grier, Former Ontario Minister of Environment & Minister of Health

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Author’s Preface: Guy Dauncey
Author’s Preface: Liz Armstrong
Author’s Preface: Anne Wordsworth
Preface by Dr. Warren Bell, MD
Foreword by Dr. Devra Davis

Part #1: The Global Epidemic

The Global Cancer Crisis
Our Body Burden
The Cost of Cancer
What Causes Cancer?
What About Aging, Genetics and Lifestyle?
The Environmental Links
Cancer in Children
Cancer in Animals and Fish
Cancer: The Bigger Picture
Risk Assessment and the Precautionary Principle
Changing the Cancer Paradigm
It’s Not Just Cancer
Prevention, Early Detection and Screening
Our Weakened Immunity
The Chemical Deluge
Gender Benders
Cancer Where You Work
Cancer Where You Live
Cancer from Cars, Trucks and Buses
The Way We Farm
The Food We Eat
Awash in Pesticides
For Everyone’s Sake, Stop Smoking
Electromagnetic Radiation: We’re the Experiment

Cancer Hazards of Ionizing Radiation
Radiation and Nuclear Power
The Cancerous Corporation
The Limits – and Corruption – of Science
Big Pharma and the War on Cancer
Who Is Protecting Us?
What Are Cancer Charities and Hospitals
Doing to Prevent Cancer?
Prevent Cancer Now

Part #2: 101 Solutions

Ten Solutions for Individuals
Five Solutions for Parents
Five Solutions for Youth
Ten Solutions for Action Groups
Five Solution for Health Care
Ten Solutions for Cities
Create Safe, Green Schools
Five Solutions for Labour
Fifteen Solutions for Business
Twenty Solutions for Governments
Five Solutions for Developing Nations
Ten Global Solutions
One Solution for All of Us

Appendix 1: List of Cancer-Causing Agents, Mixtures & Exposures
Appendix 2: Glossary
About the Authors

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