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An Ounce - Winter 2011

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Cancer Fact

The safety level for cellphones in Canada's "Safety Code 6" is some 6,000 times less stringent than the safety level advocated by international experts on electromagnetic radiation (EMR), electromagnetic fields (EMFs), brain tumours and leukemia.


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Electromagnetic Radiation – Learn the health effects

By Diana Daghofer


Electromagnetic radiation is all around us. Wireless phones, Internet, cell phones and their accompanying transmission towers are cropping up like mushrooms on a damp day.

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Noted international author warns of cell phone dangers

By Jake Cole

We held a special event in Ottawa last November featuring Devra Davis who spoke on the cancer dangers of cell phones. About 100 people attended the event and we used the occasion to announce our cancer prevention lecture series (See also Prevention is the Cure, below). The event was also sponsored by a local Jewish synagogue and the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, one of PCN’s funding sponsors.

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Jumping off the Wireless Bandwagon – Wi-Fi and You

By Joyce Nelson

In late October 2010 Canada’s Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health held three days of hearings on health impacts of Wi-Fi and wireless technologies. The Committee heard from some of the top international experts in the field, many of whom roundly criticized Health Canada’s (lack of) protection of Canadians from the dangers of non-ionizing microwave radiation.

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Support Prevent Cancer Now’s Work on Electromagnetic Radiation

By Diana Daghofer

The Prevent Cancer Now policy committee met recently to map out our work for 2011. An immediate priority is working to educate people and pressure regulators to keep us safe against Electromagnetic Radiation.

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Warnings on Whole Body Scanners

By PCN Staff

There are serious health concerns about full-body X-ray scanners at airports. This is an urgent situation as these scanners are rapidly being implemented as a primary screening step for all air travel passengers.

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PCN Welcomes Suzanne Elston

Prevent Cancer Now is pleased to welcome writer and long-time environmental advocate Suzanne Elston to our Board of Directors.

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State of the Evidence 2010 – The Connection between Breast Cancer and the Environment

By Miriam Wyman


The sixth edition of State of the Evidence by Janet Gray, Ph.D. appeared in October 2010, with an all-new advocacy section, From Science to Action, by Janet Nudelman M.A. and Connie Engel, Ph.D.

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Prevention is the Cure – new presentation hits the streets in Ottawa

By Jake Cole

We all remember the intense, national campaign in 2009 to deal with the H1N1 flu virus that was touted as an impending epidemic. Just over 400 people died from the virus that year. Serious enough, but consider this: some 75,000 Canadians died that same year from cancer and about 170,000 contracted it for the first time. It is predicted that nearly half of all males and four in ten females will eventually contract cancer while one of four of us will ultimately die from it.

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Durham-York Incinerator Receives Environmental Assessment Approval

By Linda Gasser

There appears to be a cozy relationship between the incinerator industry and the staff who recommend incinerators and the politicians who ultimately approve these projects.

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PCN Board Member Profile: Pauline Cheslock

By Pauline Cheslock

I have been involved with Cancer Prevention since my mother’s death in 2000. I couldn’t quite comprehend how a woman with such healthy habits, always a healthy eater, walking zealously to her music to keep fit – could get 3 completely different types of cancers in her life. My mother Tina Buffon died a young 71. Was it just bad luck on her part? Losing her hit me hard, and with two young children, I felt compelled to find out what I could do to help my family and community.

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Ban Tanning Salons

By Diana Daghofer


The World Health Organization called them “carcinogenic to humans’, but thousands of Canadians continue to flock to tanning salons in an effort to “look healthy”. We all know looks can be deceiving, and tanned skin is a case-in-point. The risk of melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, increases dramatically when young people use tanning beds.

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Proposed amendments to the Manitoba Workers Compensation Act for Firefighters

By Sandra Madray

In December 2010, the Manitoba provincial government proposed amendments to the Manitoba Workers Compensation Act which would add four new occupational disease presumptions for firefighters.

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