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An Ounce - Spring 2011

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Cancer Fact

All nuclear facilities release radiation, a known human carcinogen according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization.


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Nuclear Energy, Ontario, Fukushima, Health and Sustainable Alternatives

By Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg


As a former health professional, I can attest to the pain and suffering of patients with cancer and other environmentally linked diseases. No doubt, everyone reading this knows of someone who has had cancer and/or who has died from it. In Canada, half of the male population and slightly less than half of the female population will be diagnosed with cancer at some time in their lives. Childhood cancer rates are expanding one per cent per year and if that child or grandchild is yours or someone close to you, you know what anguish that is, for not only the child but also the whole family. Of course, such anguish applies to those with breast and other reproductive cancers especially if it’s a diagnosis of your mother, sister, wife, partner, daughter or friend. Therefore we must ask how much of this cancer is preventable? We know that for most cancers, only 5-10% are due to inherited genetic mutations so we must ask what is causing the other 90-95% and how much might be prevented. How much cancer can be attributed to radiation and how might it be prevented? This article focuses on radiation, in particular issues of tritium, in drinking water.

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Update on PCN Incineration Campaign

By Linda Gasser

Incinerator Finally Beaten in Belledune

There’s going to be quite the party in Belledune, New Brunswick in the coming weeks. For five long years, citizens from across New Brunswick and Québec joined forces to oppose the plans of Bennett Environmental to operate a hazardous waste incinerator on the shore of the Baie de Chaleurs, an important fishery. The incinerator would have burned contaminated soils. Bennett had received a draft permit from the New Brunswick Ministry of Environment that allowed PCBs to be burned as well as dioxins, furans, and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

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Get the lead out

By Suzanne Elston

Known as the father of all metals, lead has been used by humanity for more than 8,000 years. For at least half of that time, health professionals have warned about the potential health impacts of lead exposure.

Lead is a neurological toxin that can have serious developmental and cognitive effects. There is virtually no way to flush it out of the system once it has entered the human body.

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Kiss-Off Cancer Cook-Off Educates and Delights Diners

By Diana Daghofer

Rossland chefs and community cooks alike rose to the challenge in the first annual Kiss-Off Cancer Cook-Off, held on Sunday, May 1. The 70 guests who attended the event left raving over the excellent food and prizes. Keeping expenses low meant the Cook-Off netted about $4000 for Prevent Cancer Now.

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Will Canada’s asbestos industry succeed in relaunching itself? The answer still hangs in the balance.

By Kathleen Ruff

In the federal election in May, the Conservative Party targeted a handful of ridings across Canada where it thought it could win a seat away from other political parties and thus increase its chances of winning a majority government.

One of the selected ridings was the riding where the town of Asbestos is located. Prime Minister Harper himself went not once, but twice, to campaign in Asbestos whose population of around six thousand people is 0.02% of the Canadian population.

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Answer for Cancer Tour

By Dallas Shannon

This summer, from June 11 – August 13, the Answer for Cancer (ACT) group will be organizing a 32,000 Kilometer motorcycle tour through 60 cities in 48 states and 10 provinces. They will be raising awareness for cancer prevention – the ACT group recognizes that prevention is the ultimate cure.

Prevent Cancer Now is pleased to announce that we were chosen to be the beneficiary for the 2011 Answer for Cancer tour. 100% of the proceeds raised on the Canadian portion of the ride are going directly to Prevent Cancer Now. If you know anyone who rides a motorcycle, please encourage them to go to the ACT website (below) and sign up to participate in a leg of the ride.

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Worth repeating …

By Lorna Wilson

The follow text is from a presentation by Lorna Wilson to a workshop: Everyday Carcinogens – Stopping Cancer Before It Starts, held at McMaster University, March 26, 1999.

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