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AN OUNCE  Spring '09

In this issue:

Cancer Fact

People who used mobile phones for 10 years or more were found to have a 50% higher incidence of Glioma, a type of brain cancer.


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Pink Ribbon™ Barbie® Sends the Wrong Message

By Diana Daghofer, Co-Chair, Prevent Cancer Now


Given her age – she is 50 this year – it shouldn’t surprise us that Barbie, Mattel’s famous doll, has breast cancer. One in eight Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, most between the ages of 50 and 69.

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Spring into Action!

In this issue of An Ounce, we urge you to take action on a number of issues!

See the list of actions below. Take action today – don’t delay!

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April is Cancer Month

We need action, not more selling of “hope”!

April is Cancer Month. In this annual spring rite, the Canadian Cancer Society sells daffodils and “the gift of hope” as it conducts its door-to-door fundraising blitz. And every April, we learn how many more Canadians are predicted to die from cancer that year, and how many new cases will be diagnosed.

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Say it is so, Mr. Ignatieff

By Liz Armstrong, PCN Board member

It all started with a refreshingly honest response to a question about asbestos at a public meeting in Victoria, BC on March 28th. Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff was asked to support the ban on exporting Canadian chrysotile asbestos – which, like all other types, is a deadly carcinogen.

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The Toxic Treatment: Harmful Chemicals in Canadian Cosmetics

By Sandra Madray, PCN Board Member

Moisturizers, conditioners, hair dyes, lipstick, nail polish, perfumes and soaps: all of these are cosmetics – and some are hard to avoid. Canadians spend at least $5.3 billion on cosmetics annually, and yet we give very little thought to the long-term health effects of the ingredients in our morning lather.

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PCN needs you!

Fun and Fundrai$ing for Prevent Cancer Now!

We’ve set our sights high, and now all we need is YOU to help Prevent Cancer Now raise at least $60,000

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Book Review: Corrupt to the Core

Review by Michael Gilbertson, PhD

Corrupt to the Core: Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower, By Shiv Shopra

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Those Tar Sands: Add nukes and stir up more cancer?

By Liz Armstrong, PCN Board member

How hare-brained is this? The Alberta government is now asking its citizens to consider nuclear power to help extract the oil from its vast and gooey tar sands, so we can continue to feed our North American fossil fuel addiction. Nukes are supposed to make what will soon be Canada’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases a little more benign.

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