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An Ounce (Fall 2012)

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Cancer Fact

Did you know that Turmeric has a long list of traditional medicinal uses? It iis a favourite among herbalists due to its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory, with application in conditions such as arthritis, injury, asthma, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, skin disorders, elevated cholesterol, liver disease and cancer.


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The battle to end Canada’s asbestos industry: recent dramatic events

By Kathleen Ruff

The past few months have been a dramatic roller coaster ride in the battle to stop the revival of Canada’s asbestos industry. If there is a lesson to be learned, it is NEVER to give up hope and NEVER to stop fighting for health and justice, even when the battle seems lost!

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Confused? Don’t be. Organic food IS better for you.

By Sharon Labchuk

If you are confused by the recent flurry of media reports about organic foods being no better than conventional foods, you aren’t alone. A Stanford University study, misinterpreted by journalists and not that newsworthy to begin with, spawned sensational headlines in major newspapers that cast doubt on the benefits of eating organic food. The news stories would have us believe that buying organic food is a waste of money because organic food is no more nutritious than pesticide-sprayed food.

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Monsanto’s GM corn causes cancer in rats: French study

By PCN Staff

French scientists released a study in September showing rats fed a diet of Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) corn for two years developed cancer and died earlier than control rats. Female rats were more prone to cancer, with 93% of tumours developing in the mammary glands. The same fate befell rats exposed to the herbicide Roundup, developed by Monsanto. GM corn and other crops are genetically engineered to be resistant to Roundup so that growers can indiscriminately spray weeds without worrying about killing the crop as well.

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Living Downstream in Ottawa

By Chanda Chevannes

On October 29th, I was delighted to attend the Ottawa premiere of my documentary film, Living Downstream. Presented by Prevent Cancer Now, the screening attracted a large crowd to the Mayfair Theatre on Bank Street.

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Playing Chemical Detective – avoiding cancer-causing chemicals in the products you buy

By Beverley Thorpe

As Prevent Cancer Now advises on its website: Be a Cancer Smart Consumer. Great recommendation but no easy task. We don’t know if that adhesive or paint thinner we buy is made with carcinogens. We don’t know if the can linings inside our soup tins or chemicals on the cash receipts we stuff into our bags are leaching BPA, a chemical known to cause reproductive harm, into our food and onto our fingers. We don’t know if the furniture we put in our homes has hazardous chemicals in the foam that will leach into our air and expose us to chemically hazardous dust.

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Food and Public Health Safety

By Shiv Chopra

The latest recall of E. coli infected beef should be a concern not only for beef and beef products but also for other meats, cheeses, vegetables and water.

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Minimize your cancer risk by eating the right type of food!

By Burton Goldberg

In 1900, when my father was born, one in 33 people developed cancer in their lifetime. Today cancer has surpassed heart disease in North America and every other man and every other woman will develop cancer in his or her lifetime. Indeed all of us have damaged and/or cancerous cells within our body, but a strong immune system keeps these cells in check. In this article I will tell you what is causing this cancer epidemic and what you can do to minimize your risk.

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Why I won’t be growing a moustache for “Movember”

By Justice Marshall

It’s not that I don’t like moustaches. “Free moustache rides” is still one of my favourite lines ever. And I can totally get behind publicizing men’s health issues. (The statistics are shocking, especially in mental health and suicide.) But there are two big reasons I don’t do Movember: I don’t want to unwittingly promote controversial cancer screening to the male masses, nor do I wish to be a cause-marketing dupe for companies (and industries) that do not reflect my values.

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Turmeric – Heal thyself!

By Savayda Jerome

“Let thy food be thy medicine”
– Hippocrates

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Want to prevent cancer? Then lobby for democratic good government!

By Duff Conacher

No one should be surprised that Canadian governments, politicians, and government employees protect corporations and big business executives who abuse the public and push products that harm and kill — the system allows them to do so through weak rules, weak enforcement, and weak penalties.

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Incineration Update

By Linda Gasser

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Labchuk’s Breakfast Energy Smoothie

By Sharon Labchuk

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PCN Shorts

By PCN Staff

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