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An Ounce (June 2014)

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Cancer Fact

Did you know that healthy, yummy beets are not only great on the side, but in appetizers and desserts too?. Check out two yummy recipes here.


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By PCN Staff

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PCN is moving ahead – Be part of the excitement!

By PCN Staff

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Unbeatable Beets in a healthy appetizer, and a dessert!

By Kylie Delfino

The beautiful deep red-purple colour of beets is largely a nutrient called betacyanin. Many studies have shown the potential for beet extract to prevent cancer by decreasing inflammation and mutations. In addition to being rich in betacyanin, beets are loaded with vitamins A, C and iron, as well as fibre – especially the greens.

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The dirt on artificial turf

By Meg Sears, PhD

The summer mantra of Mums … “Go out and play, run and have fun, play with your friends!” … but where? We all do better with time in nature, and sports are important too.

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Thermography: a role in prevention and early detection of breast cancer?

By Meg Sears, BASc, PhD and Magda Havas, BSc, PhD

Every day, 65 Canadian women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 14 die from it, according to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

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Stay safe and healthy in the summer sun

By Pamela Tourigny

The Canadian Cancer Society recently reported that despite increased awareness of the risks of sunlight, between 1986 and 2010 melanoma skin cancer rates increased on average by 2% every year for men, and 1.5% per year for women.

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Kiss-Off Cancer Cook-Off 2014 – Great Food, Served with a Side of Prevention Tips

By PCN Staff

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First do no harm: What the science says about shale gas, health and other issues

By Barb Harris

It’s quite a surprise when a study commissioned by the federal government relating to resource development concludes that there are major information gaps, monitoring has been insufficient and it would be wise to slow down and do more research

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What are the full economic, health and security costs and benefits of wired versus wireless technology?

By Devra Davis, PhD

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Lawn Pesticide Bans Mean Cancer Prevention

By Gideon Forman

Most cancer organizations recommend that people reduce their risk of cancer by avoiding tobacco, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and doing regular exercise. While these will go part of the way towards preventing this awful disease, there is another critical measure citizens in western provinces can take to reduce their risk of cancer: urge their province to ban lawn and garden pesticides.

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Societal implications of a new occupational and environmental cancer study

By Michael Gilbertson PhD

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PCN Shorts

By PCN Staff

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