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An Ounce Newsletter (December 2014) FOCUS ON PESTICIDES

In this issue:

Cancer Fact

Always use 100% organic cotton, linen, wool and hemp. Other fabrics may be doused with pesticides, bleached with chlorine, dyed with toxic heavy metals and aromatic amines, made wrinkle-free with formaldehyde based resins, and made stain resistant with hormone-mimicking fluorinated chemicals.

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Gourmet crockpot comfort food: Pumpkin, pine nut & sage risotto

Recipe by Kylie Delfino

Cold weather and shorter days bring out our desire for comfort foods. Here is a healthy slow cooker option, that will be steaming hot when you come in after an afternoon in the snow!

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Triclosan – Over 50 Canadian organizations calling for a ban, with informed substitution only where clearly needed

By Meg Sears PhD, Co-chair Prevent Cancer Now

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Clarification – not all pesticide laws are equal!

By PCN Staff

Lawn Pesticide Bans Mean Cancer Prevention, in the Summer 2014 issue of An Ounce listed provinces with legislation to limit pesticide use on lawns and gardens. Some are much stronger than others, and some of the east coast legislation has significant room for improvement.

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Pesticide bans: Alberta bound, or a Two Steppin’- Slide one dance progression?

By Cindy Tuer and Robin McLeod, with contributions by Sheryl McCumsey

In spite of major strides over the last 20 years in terms of urban pesticide regulation in Canada, Alberta and its prairie counterparts have been slow to join the party.

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Flupyradifurone folly – Ignoring chemical environmental fate at our peril, and why the new neonic look-alike insecticide should be denied

By Meg Sears PhD, Co-chair Prevent Cancer Now

Flupyradifurone – doesn’t it just roll off the tongue? Linguistic gymnastics aside, this new insecticide (“flup”) is a chemical cousin to a host of bee-killing neonicotinoids (“neonics”). It was dubbed by the David Suzuki Foundation as the new F-word, and 100,000 Canadians called for it to stay in Bayer’s labs and out of our environment.

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Jyl Chegwin’s conviction for prevention lives on

By Diana Daghofer, Fundraising Chair, Prevent Cancer Now

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PCN talks back – organic foods and agriculture are the way to go

By Meg Sears PhD, Co-chair Prevent Cancer Now

The following is based on Prevent Cancer Now’s response to a CBC interview with Len Ritter, on The 180.

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