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An Ounce (March 2010)

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Cancer Fact

Did you know that ionizing radiation, used in x-rays and other medical tests, is a known cause of cancer? CT scans are especially potent, and result an estimated 15,000 excess deaths among North Americans every year.


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Thousands of ‘excess’ cancer deaths from CT scans


We tend to trust the doctors when they prescribe diagnostic and therapeutic x-rays, but it’s vital to remember that exposure to ionizing radiation – which underpins nuclear medicine through a variety of x-rays and the internal use of radioactive substances – is a known cause of cancer.

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Health Canada’s Ingredient Hotlist: Why are carcinogens allowed in cosmetics?

Last fall, thirteen chemicals or groups of chemicals were proposed to be added to Health Canada’s Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist. The list includes chemicals that are either restricted or banned for use in cosmetics in Canada. Many are carcinogens. Twelve of the chemicals identified for the Hotlist were proposed for prohibition and one for restricted use in cosmetics (“restricted use” means that the chemical can be used in cosmetics only for specified concentrations and applications). PCN thinks that all 13 chemicals listed in the proposal should be prohibited for use in cosmetics.

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Incineration: Burning Issues – 2009 in Review

Despite all we know about the harm caused by incineration, promoters continue to propose burning garbage as a viable waste disposal option. Several communities in Canada are facing either mass burn incineration or “incinerator in disguise” proposals.

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Herbs for Cancer Prevention

Article by Savayda Jarone, Medical Herbalist and past PCN Board Member

Source: An Ounce Newsletter (March 2010)

Prevention is a word that is well known to herbalists. The practice of herbal medicine uses herbs to nourish and strengthen the body and increase vitality.

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Management of BPA: the latest government proposal

In October 2008, the Ministers of Health and the Environment under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act 1999 (CEPA), concluded that BPA (bisphenol A) is toxic to both human health and the environment. With such a conclusion, Canadians have, no doubt, been wondering what steps the government would take to protect their health and the environment from exposure to BPA.

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The Trillium Foundation Supports Prevention Presentation

Despite the fact that nearly half of all males and 4 in 10 females will get cancer in their lifetimes, most people are still not thinking about the real cure – prevention. People just don’t make the connection between their environment – everything that we are exposed to, in the womb and after birth – and cancer. We’d like to change that, and we’re happy to report that the Ontario Trillium Foundation agrees.

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Telling Our Story: Why prevention? We do it for love!

Mary-Martha Hale and Don Desnoyers have been touched – no, hit – by cancer more than most of us. They believe prevention is the only answer, and have decided to throw their support behind Prevent Cancer Now’s fundraising efforts. Watch their progress in this year’s Cancer Prevention Challenge, which begins in British Columbia in March and rolls on through the country. Mary-Martha and Don will be cycling in Ontario. Details will be on the PCN website shortly.

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What’s New!

There were a number of other interesting and informative items that caught our eye this week, including registration of the Hills of Erin Cancer Prevention Foundation as an official charity, the upcoming launch of Halifax’s 4th Annual Cancer Prevention Series, an informative campaign on indoor tanning, an update on this year’s Cancer Prevention Challenge, and a welcome to PCN’s new Co-Chair, Jake Cole.

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