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An Ounce Newsletter (May 2015)

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Prevent Cancer Now updates

By the Prevent Cancer Now team

Almost overnight we have gone from one of the coldest winters ever, with eyes freezing shut in the wind, to blossoms and recent highs of 30C. Life is full of contrasts.

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Spring forward with Asparagus – recipes and lots more

By Kylie Delfino, RHN. The Nourished Self Nutrition Clinic.

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Prevention is the cure for cancer!

By the Prevent Cancer Now writers’ circle

The World Health Organization recently confirmed that cancer is not just random bad luck, and we should do a lot more to prevent it.

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The world’s most used weed-killer is probably carcinogenic – so what?

By Meg Sears, and the PCN writers’ circle

The world’s (and Canada’s) most used herbicide, glyphosate, was recently classified as a probable cause of cancer by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

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Crude oil needs to be “detoxed” before shipping

By Meg Sears and the Prevent Cancer Now writers’ circle

“… and remember to bring your medications and supplements to your appointment”, your doctor reminds you.

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Act early to prevent August ragweed

By the Prevent Cancer Now writers’ circle

As Canadians are turning their thoughts to things green, for those pondering spring lawn care thoughts may include pesticides – products to kill weeds or insects.

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Let food be your medicine

By the Prevent Cancer Now writers’ circle

You are what you eat!

Author Michael Pollan put it well, encouraging people to eat food, not too much, mostly plants, and preferably in the company of others. Highly processed products or anything that arrives through a car window do not count as food. Yet another ingredient – emulsifiers to keep oil and water mixed in processed foods – just joined some colours, flavours and other additives that potentially contribute to cancer.

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Exercise: fun, healthy and reduces cancer risks!

By Susan Koswan and the Prevent Cancer Now writers’ circle


“The least active individuals have the most to gain from even small increases in activity.” (New finding, January 2015)

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Healthy beauty that is easy on the environment

By Meredith Kost, with the Prevent Cancer Now writers’ circle


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Radiation regulation on the hot seat

Parliamentary health committee examines non-ionizing radiation, including from wireless devices

By Meg Sears, PhD, Co-Chair of Prevent Cancer Now

For decades, Dr. Devra Davis has been at the forefront of major environmental health and cancer issues, such as tobacco, lead, pesticides and persistent pollutants. She headed US research organizations, is consulted by leaders worldwide and is among the group awarded the Nobel Prize for work on climate change. When Devra Davis tells us that the radiation from wireless devices is the most important, unrecognized risk to public health today, we need to sit up and listen.

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PCN Shorts

In case you missed it…

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