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Cancer Prevention Tips!


To protect yourself from getting cancer, or a recurrence, choose foods, house and garden products, play spaces, toys, medicines and medical tests that will minimize your exposure to toxins. Here are some tips!

Eat a plant-based, organic diet

Choose more: locally grown organic fruits, vegetables and beans, whole grains and wild fish. Drink filtered water.

Consume less: meat and dairy, processed foods (refined sugar and grains), alcohol (no more than one drink per day for women or two per day for men). Promote affordable organic foods through community gardens, co-ops and advocacy.

Be physically active

Physical activity helps maintain a healthy body weight and reduces levels of stress, both of which reduce our risk of cancer.

Adults: Get at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity 3-5 days a week.

Children and adolescents: Play at moderate to vigorous sports at least 60 minutes a day, 5 days a week or more.

Be a cancer smart consumer!

Avoid products that contain known or possible carcinogens.

Personal care products: Avoid creams, sunscreens and other products containing methyl and butyl paraben, acrylamide and formaldehyde.

Cleaning products: Replace anything marked with a skull and crossbones with vinegar, baking soda and salt. They work just as well, and are much cheaper!

Cooking and Storing Food: Use stainless steel or glass containers and cookware. Throw out old or scratched Teflon and never microwave or store food in plastic containers.

Pesticides: Just don’t use them! There are plenty of good natural alternatives. If you don’t already have one, work for a pesticide by-law in your community.

Avoid Radiation

Cancer-causing radiation is all around us, but can be reduced.

Cell and cordless phones: Invest in a headset for your cell phone, and keep calls brief or text message. Children should not use cell phones at all. Cordless phones are just as bad. Stick with the corded variety.

Medical radiation: Question your doctor and dentist to be sure that x-rays, CT scans and other tests are absolutely necessary.

Make a Difference

Learn more about how to prevent cancer by joining us! Check out our website for ideas on how to advocate for action on prevention. Help leave a healthy legacy for our children.